Logistics optimization

We optimize your flow, delivery time and transport costs and assist you to select the right service providers to reduce your overall logistic costs. We assist you with tailor made solutions to regain control of your logistic chain.

International commerce and transport is complex due to the number of actors involved, the different mode of transports, and the difficulty to estimate the total costs.
The multiplicity of different charges (often linked to index or time), the commercial terms available for a given transaction or the required extensive documentation add up to the complexity usually leading companies to outsource the process to a service provider.

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Supply chain performance is measured based on time, cost, reliability and flexibility. A supply chain is as strong as its weakest link, which is difficult to identify when the process is fully outsourced. The total logistic costs vary greatly from one service provider to another, depending on their contract terms with shipping lines, their knowledge and even the routing of the cargo. A transaction cost can inflate substantially if it is not handled correctly and timely. Identifying the critical processes to remain in control and outsource the rest to one or several providers is the way to obtain the right service at the right cost.

Oceo trade perform an independant audit of your logistic data and processes to identify your current performance and potential improvements. The project and goal is defined based on customer’s criterias to ensure the right balance between cost optimization and service level. The outsourcing and procurement strategy agreed, the selection of the optimal suppliers is performed.


  • Audit of logistic data and process
  • Process outsourcing strategy
  • Flow, delivery times and transport costs optimization
  • Selection of third party service providers and procurement
  • Contracts negotiation with shipping lines
  • Kpis implementation