Potential Future Technologies

DNV looks at future technologies in four main areas: shipping, fossil energy, renewable and nuclear energy, and power systems. From global mega trends, DNV determine 4 scenarios to select the technologies that might become a must in 2020.

For shipping, most selected technologies are not new and have been on the map for some time or are even in use already. The part on the digital ship is not forward looking as it has been in use for more than a decade. Some technology are very relevant, others seems anecdotic (kite, cold ironing…etc.). Not surprisingly, the part on new ways of designing ships is catchier, being DNV core expertise.

The main challenges for each technology are well identified, however one would have expected that they look at an estimated economic value vs. cost (also taking into account commercial impact) to determine the success probability of each technology.
That being said, some of the chosen technologies also happen to be the ones having most potential for saving fuel oil (combined electric & diesel propulsion, solar power, air lubrication, LNG …etc.), which is without doubt the main element for any future technology.
No mention of flettner rotors, catalysts or hull cleaning tracking device which also have high potential to save fuel.

In any case, it remains a very interesting and professional document for anybody interesting in the future of ships.

The report can be found there: http://www.dnv.lt/binaries/TO2020_tcm173-477946.pdf